Bacon or Beer

Imagine if you had to choose…


12 Grains or the 12 Days of Christmas

Category: Bakery



Finally! After 1 year of official adulthood, 2 bankruptcies, 3 failed marriages, and 4 home evictions, Courtenay was back on her feet and slowly gaining traction toward returning back into the families good graces.

Years of begging her parents, 2 brothers, their wives and especially her 5-year-old nephew for beer money and other financial support had done some damage to her familial relationships, but Courtenay had pulled herself up by her bootstraps and found a job screwing toothpaste caps on tubes, which came with some nice perks - like fewer cavities and daily wages. She had her own trailer now and she and her boyfriend, Duke, had finally been given the coveted responsibility of hosting the family's Christmas brunch.

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