Bacon or Beer

Imagine if you had to choose…


Orange Jell-O Gelatin Snacks or Pabst Blue Ribbon Easy

Category: Snacks


undefinedI've never had PBR Easy (light).  But I've got to imagine it's terrible.  Not sure if it's better or worse than orange Jell-O snack packs.  But either way, this person has terrible taste.

And on Christmas Eve?!?  Were they deciding which to have for Christmas dinner?  I'm glad I wasn't invited to this baby Jesus celebration.

Organic Sea Salt Black Pepper Popcorn or Bud Light

Category: Snacks


undefinedI just can't see the same person deciding between a bag of organic popcorn and a case of Bud Light.  I can (however) understand why Bud Light comes by the case.  It takes about 15 just to get a slight buzz as it's only 4.2% alcohol.  A real man's beer is 7% alcohol at least.

Remind me again why Bud Light exist?  Fat guys longing to get in shape that have no tastebuds after years of taking hot viscous fluids to the mouth?

Peanut Butter Sandwich Crackers or Super Bowl Bud Light

Category: Snacks


undefinedIt's impossible to eat a whole pack of peanut butter sandwich crackers without something to wash it down with. I think it's called the "peanut butter sandwich cracker challenge", look it up on YouTube.  Maybe the intention was to take the challenge during halftime at the Super Bowl party.  But alas, without enough money for both peanut butter sandwich crackers and something to wash it down with, the washing it down with won.  If you can really call drinking Bud Light "winning".